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Pregnancy with Lupus

Despite suffering from Lupus; if you plan conception carefully & continue pregnancy with regular follow up with your team of Rheumatologist & Gynaecologist; the numbers are on your side to have a successful pregnancy. A decade ago, patients with Lupus were advised to avoid pregnancy. However, with advances in medical field, most of the lupus pregnancies are reaching a successful outcome today.
When is the best time to consider conception with lupus?
The best time to consider conception is when your lupus is controlled, the steroids are at maintenance doses (5-7.5 mg prednisolone per day). A state of remission at the time of conception & for the prior 6 months is a good rule of thumb to plan pregnancy. Always consult your rheumatologist before planning to conceive. Unplanned pregnancy when the lupus is active can lead to numerous problems. Flares of lupus nephritis during pregnancy can be very severe & there are obvious restriction on many drugs during pregnancy.
Is Lupus pregnancy a high risk pregnancy?
Yes. All lupus pregnancies are considered high risk pregnancies. Close monitoring is required throughout the pregnancy for lupus activity as well as fetal growth. You should register with an Obstetrician who is experienced with lupus pregnancies, willing to work in cooperation with your Rheumatologist & monitor you closely.
What are the chances of lupus flaring during/ after pregnancy?
SLE patients with active lupus nephritis have a 50-60% chance of nephritis flare during/ immediately after pregnancy. The risk of nephritis flare in a patient who conceives when the disease is quiescent is less than 10%.
What is the risk to my baby if I have lupus?
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How can Anti- phospholipid antibody affect my pregnancy?
Anti phospholipid antibodies lead to thrombosis (clotting). This leads to blockage of blood supply to the fetus. This can lead to miscarriage or fetal growth retardation. There is a higher risk of preeclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy), pre term labor & fetal growth retardation with the presence of anti-phospholipid antibodies.
Are oral contraceptive pills safe in lupus?
Oral contraceptive pills are better avoided in lupus. Know more about various contraceptives in lupus here.
I have lupus; what are the chances that my child would suffer form the same?
Though there are no definite studies to answer this question, the risk is estimated to be 2%.

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Which of the lupus drugs are safe in pregnancy?

I have lupus, which is the safest contraceptive for me?

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Created on: April 2007
Last updated on: Feb 2015
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