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Lupus Fatigue Chart

Mark your energy levels through the day on the lupus fatigue chart. 100% energy level would mean you are feeling fresh & on top of the world; while 0 would mean that you are so fatigued that going to bed is the only solution. Mark the exact time when you experienced the lowest energy level on the chart. Maintain the chart on a daily basis. Sit & analyze the chart after 1 week.

Answer the following questions---

  1. When did you experience the lowest energy levels? You can plan a nap just before this period.
  2. Don’t fight fatigue- Fighting fatigue generally does not work & can be a frustrating experience. Whenever it hits, give in, take a nap & be ready for your work.
  3. Did you notice any particular activity that brought on the fatigue?- Try & adjust your daily activities accordingly.
  4. Try & pace the activities as per the energy levels.

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Created on: April 2007
Last updated on: Feb 2015
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