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Lupus Fatigue

How can you take care of your near and dear one with lupus fatigue
  1. First & the foremost, accepting the fact that lupus fatigue is real & not being lazy can go a long way for your near & dear ones with lupus.
  2. Unlike a rash or a swollen joint, Lupus fatigue is not seen. ‘You don’t look that sick’ is a common confusion with lupus fatigue. Try to judge the level of fatigue in your relative & help her out with the activities.
  3. Home & work compromises are a part & parcel of life during a flare & help your relative manage the same.
  4. Positive reinforcement from your side rather than the frustrated look should take away half the mental fatigue your relative would have!
  5. Remember that you remain the most important & closest social support network for your near and dear one with lupus.

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Created on: April 2007
Last updated on: Feb 2015
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