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Planning a house cleaning job

  1. Plan well in advance. Use a Sunday to plan for the coming week. If you don’t plan, you will end up doing too many things on a single day and tax your joints.

  2. Do not plan more than one cleaning job per day.

  3. Prioritize your plans. Accept the fact that you cannot manage everything in a single day. Hence prioritize and plan accordingly. You may write N next to items that you NEED to accomplish urgently & W next to items that you WISH to accomplish; but not so urgently. Rank the N items in order of importance keeping in mind the deadlines. The W items keep can be done as & when it is possible.

  4. Break big jobs into smaller jobs. Accomplish each small job separately. For eg. cleaning the house is a big job. It can be broken down into smaller tasks such as cleaning the windows of bedroom, kitchen, scrubbing the sinks. This way, each job would seem less difficult & you can easily finish each task without much fatigue or joint pain. At the end, you will also be satisfied having completed multiple tasks in a day instead of one big task that otherwise seem endless.

  5. Decide what is manageable for you at the planning stage itself. Let your family know. Make house cleaning job a collective responsibility.

  6. Spread the entire work over a day rather than a few hours. Take frequent breaks. Do not forget breakfast or your tablets.

  7. Gather all the items you require for a job before you actually start working. Once all the items are on a table, you can always sit on a chair & complete the job.
  8. Pace yourself. Alternate between the 'N' & 'W' items. For eg. Once you have washed windows of a room (your N item), you can sit down, relax & then engage yourself in writing a letter (your W item).
  9. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment. Be sure to check off items as you finish them. 

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Created on: April 2007
Last updated on: Feb 2015
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