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How to arrange your kitchen if you have arthritis?

Never use cooking utensils with a single handle. The entire weight has to be taken up by a single wrist joint.

Rather, use a utensil with two handles. This distributes the weight onto both wrist & hand joints.

Never use a tong to lift a cooking utensil.

The above techniques and utensils help spread the weight of the utensil over multiple joints rather than a single joint.

The utensils should have a non slip handle with easy grip.

Use utensils with a teflon coating. They have non stick surface and are easier to clean and wash.

Instead of using one hand, use both the hands. This spreads the load onto multiple joints instead of one joint.

Keep as much of the palm in cotact with the pan/ kettle as possible. This spreads the load over a wider area.

Note the thumb grip.

A cup with a small handle pushes the fingers in a cramped up position. This leads to pressure on the joints & consequent pain.

Always use a cup/kettle with a larger straighter handle. This provides a comfortable grip and avoids cramping of fingers.

Arthritis friendly staircase

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Created on: April 2007
Last updated on: Feb 2015
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