An informed arthritis patient is always an intelligent arthritis patient. Conquer rather than cope with your arthritis.

Arthritis support board -- the concept

An informed patient is always an intelligent patient. Every patient should know about his disease/problem and how to best cope with it. This definitely makes the difference between good management and excellent management. However the time crunch in our private clinics makes it really difficult to explain the basic details of the diseases to every patient. To add to this is also the problem of the difficult medical terminology. With these constraints in mind this web site has been designed to give the essential medical knowledge in simple layman terms

At the other extreme is the problem of medical information overload. People find themselves increasingly confused with the media barrage of contradictory health advice. One day alcohol is bad for health while the very next day it is reported to be good. However single studies rarely yield a simple "yes" or "no" answer to medical questions. Scientific discovery is a process that takes years to unfold. So here is the site which gives the authentic coherent picture for your benefit.

Often drugs alone cannot give complete relief. This is particularly true in chronic condition. This site will give you the best details of such non pharmacological factors. Dietary and lifestyle changes with the precautions to be taken in day to day life can make a world of difference.

Created on: April 2007
Last updated on: Feb 2015
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